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five free tips to save big on your hotel

Book a 5 star hotel for the price of 3 stars? from now on you can!

For many people, it’s still exciting to book a hotel room yourself, because do I not pay too much? is it the hotel I’m looking for ?. In addition, we regularly ask you how to find a good deal or offer for a good hotel. That’s why we give you free 5 best tips to book the best hotel for the best price. If you follow these 5 steps, you will never pay too much for your vacation.

TIP 1. Search hotels through a so-called meta hotels search engine: we always use our partner, A meta search engine searches not only for the best deals of the hotels themselves, but also in other regular hotel search engines and combines these deals and offers.

TIP 2. After searching the search engine, look at the hotel website: a hotel search engine searches in all kinds of databases, including those of the hotels themselves, but hotels sometimes have a special deal or offer on the website that a search engine can not find . And sometimes a search engine does not get a particular offer, such as a free museum ticket, free train or taxi to hotel etc ..

TIP 3. Call the hotel yourself: After following the first two tips, you have usually found the best hotel offer. Only, have you found the cheapest offer from the search engine and book via this website, the hotel often has to pay a booking fee to the search engine, which can be up to 25% of the booking amount. If you call or email the hotel in question and indicate that you want to book through a search engine, they often want to offer an extra discount or offer free breakfast if you book directly through the hotel!

Tip 4. Be flexible with your travel dates: Hotels and destinations are in many types, and different price tables are used for different dates. For example, a hotel aimed at business travelers will be cheaper and a tourist hotel will therefore be more expensive on weekdays. In addition, some destinations are expensive on weekends, Las Vegas sometimes up to 100%, but very cheap throughout the week. For destinations like Dubai or New York, the weekend is cheaper than a weekday. Playing with your travel dates therefore pays, but only if you are flexible. If you stuck to fixed data, unfortunately, this tip will not work. It is also advisable to look for a good price on a regular basis, one week a hotel may be expensive, but if you are looking for a week later, the same hotel on the same travel date can be very cheap.

TIP 5. Do not stuck to a particular hotel or city: For example, if you want to Amsterdam, you can search for a 4 star hotel in Amsterdam. But sometimes a 4 star hotel in Zaandam or around Schiphol is cheaper and you are as fast in the center of Amsterdam by bus, train or metro as well as in a hotel somewhere in Amsterdam. This is true of course for any destination in the world. Additionally, be flexible with your hotel choice, if you’re never looking for a 5 star hotel because you find it too expensive, but only for 4 or 3 stars, you can sometimes miss out on great deals, which may make a 5-star hotel even cheaper than a 3 star accommodation.

With our free tips, from now on you can find and book a cheap hotel or hotel offer, and keep your holiday, business trip or city trip affordable.

Lots of search, compare and booking fun on behalf of the team

With your family to Las Vegas ?

Las Vegas as a family destination,

For many, Las Vegas sounds like a travel destination as music in the ears. Associations with parties and gambling are common. However, perhaps Las Vegas is also the ultimate destination when it comes to a family holiday. And do not worry about the price, just look for a good hotel deal, be flexible with your travel dates and look beyond flights from Amsterdam to Las Vegas.

The Las Vegas hotels,

Nowhere in the world do you find bigger, more impressive and luxurious


hotels than on and around the famous Las Vegas Strip. Most hotels have thousands of hotel rooms and an immense lobby that is usually located in or next to the impressive casinos, even if you do not gamble it contributes to an incredible Vegas experience. Many people think that these hotels are expensive for a family, but fortunately it is not true. A luxury 5 star hotel on the strip is cheaper in 90% of the cases than a night in a hotel in the center of New York. But why would you choose an expensive hotel, Kids love iconic hotels like Het Luxor and the Excalibur.

These hotels offer the best deals, in summer months you spend less than $ 50 a night, have super swimming pools, are located on the strip and also have plenty of very affordable restaurants. The kids will love it !!


The Climate in Las Vegas,

In the spring and autumn, it’s around 30 degrees in Vegas, but in the summer months it can rise to about 40 degrees. This sounds on the high side, but because the air is dry, Las Vegas is in the middle of the desert, it will not be a problem. In July and August it is very hot indeed, but sitting at the swimming pool with a nice cool drink and in the indoor areas with good air conditioning it is lovely to live. In fact, I would always recommend Las Vegas in these months, the warmth also belongs to the Las Vegas experience and contributes to the ultimate Las Vegas experience, and it is also a nice story for the children at school and to tell friends about the heat in the desert and in Las Vegas.

What to do in and around Las Vegas,


In Las Vegas you will never bore your family, visit the fountains at the Bellagio in the evening, take a gondola ride in the Venetian Hotel, ride a giant ferris wheel, zip line through Old Vegas across Fremont Street, go shopping at the mega outlet malls, take the roller coasters on top of the Stratosphere Tower, visit a water park, etc, etc, etc. …… But actually Las Vegas is even more beautiful, rent a car or camper and get out of it. Las Vegas is the starting point for visiting Deathvalley, Valley of Fire, the Hoover Dam, Zion NP, Bryce NP and the Grand Canyon.

Conclusion, Las Vegas as a family destination,

In fact, the conclusion is clear, Las Vegas is very affordable, offers fun for everyone and is the starting point to visit the National Parks in West USA, the ideal destination. A three star hotel on the strip is usually enough for a family and the children will appreciate it. Las Vegas with the Kids? … Just do it!!

Tips for a Cheap Las Vegas Family Vacation:


– Find a cheap hotel through the search engine, usually the hotel rooms in the midweek, monday to friday are half cheaper than on weekends.
– Three star hotels with pool on the Strip are often the best and most affordable choice, hotels like Excalibur and Luxor are our favorite favorites.
– Flying to Las Vegas is sometimes expensive, flying on Los Angeles is usually cheaper, use a flight search engine to find the best deals. A fun ride through the desert of a few hours with far-reaching Las Vegas to see is then a free extra bonus.

We entertain ourselves every time we are in Las Vegas and the children find it their NR 1 vacation destination, Vegas sounds expensive and exclusive, but with a good deal, it’s usually just cheaper than any other holiday.